A $65.5 Million Jury Verdict For Montana Farmers

Mark Kovacich, Ben Snipes and Ross Johnson were among the attorneys who represented 25 Montana farmers against numerous companies and individuals for negligence, negligent misrepresentation, deceit and fraud for failing to provide the farmers promised payments or reasonably release the harvested hemp crops for sale on the open market. As featured in the recent Forbes article, after a week-long trial, the jury awarded our clients over $65,500,000, which included $56,000,000 in punitive damages designed to punish and deter such wrongful conduct. 

“The negligence, the deceit, the fraud — everything that was done outside the contract really resonated with the jury,” according to Ben Snipes, partner attorney at the firm. “The jury sent a message that conduct which puts farmers’ livelihood in peril will not be tolerated.”