Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Fees Leads to City Suing Consultant

In response to litigation alleging that the city of Whitefish has erroneously inflated water and sewer fees, the city has filed a lawsuit against Financial Consulting Solutions Group Inc., the consultant that helped the city determine those fees.  

Last year, Kovacich Snipes and Johnson, P.C., filed a class action complaint in Montana federal court alleging that the city unlawfully inflated impact fee rates, overcharging homeowners and developers. The lawsuit states the city charged fees inconsistent with the impact of development, that there are inaccuracies in the way the fees were calculated and that planned future projects were erroneously included in setting fees.  

“The city of Whitefish grossly overcharged its residents for water and sewer fees,” said attorney Mark Kovacich, who represents the plaintiffs in the class action against the city. 

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