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Since 1966, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has had the power to issue recalls of vehicles for safety-related defects. In that time, the NHTSA has recalled over 390 million vehicles, with a record 53.2 million recalls in 2016.

The Montana auto defect attorneys of Kovacich Snipes Johnson, P.C. have fought some of the toughest cases against large companies in Montana history and are uniquely qualified to handle any complex auto defect case. If a defective automobile or vehicle part has injured you, the personal injury lawyers Kovacich Snipes Johnson, P.C. will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

What Are Some Types of Car Defects?

Automobiles are composed of hundreds of parts that are integral to the vehicle’s safety and that of its passengers. While a defect in any component may compromise your safety, some defects are more likely to result in an injury or serious personal injury.

Airbag Failure

Manufacturers design airbags to deploy quickly in the event of a car accident to protect you from hitting the steering wheel or dash. However, when a defective airbag deploys at the wrong time, it may cause an accident or injury. Failure to deploy correctly in an accident can also result in injuries to the driver or passengers.

Seatbelt Failure and Seatback Failure

Another common defect is a problem with a seatbelt. Designed to restrain passengers in an accident, the seatbelt can fail to lock up and allow the driver or passengers to strike the dash or other hard objects in a crash. A failure of the seatback can put everyone in the vehicle in danger if the driver loses control.

Rollover Accidents and Roof Crush

In 2017, manufacturers recalled more than 3 million cars due to problems with the vehicle’s ability to detect a rollover. In other vehicles, a roof may crush too easily in a rollover, leading to serious personal injuries for the occupants.

Who Is Liable for Automobile Defects? Me or the Auto Manufacturer?

The auto manufacturer is liable for any defects in the cars it produces. However, it doesn’t stop there. Dozens of other companies design and manufacture automobile parts. Those parts are made from parts manufactured by still more companies. Every designer or manufacturer of a defective part involved in the problem that led to your accident is liable for the injuries you sustained.

Additionally, the dealership that sold the vehicle is also responsible to ensure the vehicles it sells are safe for use by the public. Anyone involved in the distribution or sale of a defective vehicle may be liable for your injuries.

Why Do You Need a Montana Auto Defects Lawyer?

Determining all the parties liable for an automotive defect is a complex task requiring meticulous attention to paperwork and tracking down all the manufacturers involved. Determining the cause of the defective product’s failure often requires expert testimony and depositions from engineers and others who have a working knowledge of the vehicle or parts involved. At every step of the way, you need someone with the experience to understand the problem and the legal implications of your auto defects case.

Finally, large multinational corporations make up the automotive industry. Taking on multi-billion-dollar companies is not something the average consumer can undertake, especially while recovering from an injury. You need a Montana auto defect lawyer who knows how to collect the facts of the case and the determination to follow through on a case even in the face of intimidation from corporate attorneys and insurance companies.

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