Denying Patients’ End of Life Wishes Can Be Costly

Excerpt from The New York Times. In Montana, a jury delivered what is believed to be the first verdict in a wrongful-life case, awarding $209,000 in medical costs and $200,000 for “mental and physical pain and suffering” to the estate of Rodney Knoepfle in 2019. Debilitated by many illnesses, Mr. Knoepfle had a do-not-resuscitate order and […]

Hospital staff revived a man’s stopped heart — and he sued

Excerpt from The Boston Globe. A successful ‘wrongful prolongation of life’ lawsuit in Montana, among other things, reflects the extent to which many Americans will go to gain — and enforce — their rights to control their final days. HELENA, Mont. — He checked into the hospital for a common procedure and collapsed while unattended, in […]